Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Free tours for travelers with layovers at Narita Airport. Guests at nearby hotels are also welcome!

Stroll the Historical Streets of Sawara

Discover the Edo Period Atmosphere of Riverside District Sawara

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Omotesando Street

Walk and taste your way through the traditional atmosphere of Narita Omotesando

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Electric Bicycle Rental

Cycle through the green rice fields of Tako on an e-bike

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Cosplay no Yakata

Transform into samurai, ninja or other historical figures at an Edo Period theme park

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Kimono Rental

Get outfitted in kimono for a truly authentic Japanese experience

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Goma Fire Ritual

Experience the Goma Fire Ritual, a thousand-year-old tradition

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In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, tours on the Narita Airport Transit & Stay Program are temporarily suspended.
Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to being able to restart Volunteer Guided Tours, Self-Guided Tours and Bus Tours again soon!

What is the Narita Airport
Transit & Stay Program?

Long airport layovers can be dull. You’re in a different country, if only for a few hours – why not get out to see some sights or experience a bit of the culture! The Narita Airport Transit & Stay Program helps you do just that by offering a range of both guided and self-guided tours for travelers on a budget. Our English-speaking volunteer tour guides are completely free – you only need to cover personal expenses like transportation – letting you focus on the tour and not on your wallet.

If you have a layover of several hours at Narita Airport, or if you are staying at a hotel in the Narita area and are looking for a way to spend a half-day, don’t miss the opportunity to take part in one of these Japanese cultural experiences or to see the best sights around!

Volunteer Guided Tours

Our English-speaking guides, local to Narita, will get you safely to and from the airport and help ensure you experience the warmth and hospitality of Japan. Tours can usually be customized to match your interests and budget. Simply tell us which optional activities you wish to do, along with any other requests, when you arrive at our reception counter.

Self-Guided Tours

Get directions and maps to each destination, and enjoy at your own pace.
Visit the Narita Airport Transit & Stay Program counter 9:00–17:00.

Bus Tours

These bus tours are a hassle-free way to visit several top destinations around Narita Airport and enjoy memorable Japanese cultural experiences. You only pay for the bus and driver; a local English-speaking volunteer guide accompanies you at no extra cost. Each tour also includes an authentic Japanese bento lunch.

The Sawara tour runs Tues., Wed., Thurs., and the Shibayama tour runs Fri., Sat., Sun.

Seasonal Events

Narita Hotels

Narita Hotels

Find hotels, ryokan, and other accomodation options near Narita Airport, and rest easy knowing you don't have to travel from Tokyo the day of your flight.

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Narita Airport Transit & Stay Program Counter Locations

Visitor Service Center

Located in the Terminal 1 Arrivals Lobby, the Visitor Service Center is home to the Transit & Stay Program counter, a Tourist Information Center, an area with tablets for looking up travel and tourism information, and more.

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