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Tour 6

Shop for Local Saké & Other Fermented Products in Kozaki Town

Traditional fermentation methods and culture are alive and well in Kozaki Town, which has been a center for products such as saké, miso and soy sauce since the Edo Period. This taxi tour takes you to the local market at Roadside Station Hakko-no-Sato Kozaki and also Kozaki Shrine, both of which are located along the beautiful Tone River. This Self-Guided Tour must be arranged between 9am and 12pm.

・ Time Required3hours

・ Minimum Budget9,000yen

Tour Highlights

Roadside Station Hakko-no-Sato Kozaki Tripadvisor

Roadside Station Hakko-no-Sato Kozaki

Learn about Japan’s fermentation traditions at the Fermentation Market, which offers locally-brewed saké and a multitude of fermented products from all over Japan. Also located at this roadside station is a fresh produce market where you can buy a range of fruits and vegetables grown by Japanese farmers.

Kozaki Shrine Tripadvisor

Kozaki Shrine

Travelers can pray for a safe trip at Kozaki Shrine, which enshrines Amano Torifune no Mikoto, the guardian deity of aviation, transportation and industry. The shrine grounds are also home to a huge camphor tree hundreds of years old, designated a Natural Monument. When Tokugawa Mitsukuni saw this tree he reportedly asked, “What might this tree be called?” (“Kono ki wa, nan to yu mon jaro?”) Ever since, it has been called the “Nan-Ja-Mon-Ja Tree.”

Optional Activities

Tone River Stroll

Tone River Stroll

The wide Tone River and its green riverbanks add to Kozaki’s idyllic atmosphere, and fresh air is in abundance along the walking path that follows the river. For picturesque views of the water and nearby rice paddies, the Kozaki Ohashi bridge, with its characteristic three red arches, is the best location.


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