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Tour 4

Cosplay in an Edo Period Reproduction in Sakae Town

Chiba Prefectural Boso no Mura theme park recreates the atmosphere of late-Edo Japan with authentic shops, houses, and other buildings. Enjoy this time-travel even more by dressing up as a samurai, ninja, or lady in kimono. This tour can be customized to fit your interests and budget.

・ Time Required3hours

・ Minimum Budget1,600yen

Tour Highlights

Boso no Mura Theme Park Tripadvisor

Boso no Mura Theme Park

Boso no Mura’s authentic Edo Period townscape has been used as a filming location for numerous Japanese period dramas, and it’s also the perfect place for visitors to dress up as ninja, samurai, or other famous characters from Japanese history! Admission is 300 yen.

Optional Activities

Cosplay Tripadvisor


The friendly staff at Cosplay no Yakata, located adjacent to Boso no Mura, will happily help you transform into a figure straight out of Japanese history. Reservations for the cosplay are required and can be made by our staff on the day of your visit; if you wish to dress up please let us know when you get to our reception counter. Discounts are available for participants on this Volunteer Guided Tour, with prices starting from 500 yen for children and from 1000 yen for adults. Note: Cosplay costumes unfortunately cannot be worn in bad weather.

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Farmers Restaurant Yume Terrace Tripadvisor

Farmers Restaurant Yume Terrace

Surrounded by a panorama of greenery, Yume Terrace uses only the freshest ingredients in its dishes, which vary seasonally. In summer its fresh soft-serve ice cream, straight from nearby Yume Farm, is a big hit. Both indoor and terrace seating is available. Budget approximately 1000 to 1500 yen for a meal.


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